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We hope you find our blog about breast cancer advocacy, prevention, research and treatment informative and helpful. We believe a blog about breast cancer issues is an effective way for our clinical team to share their insights on a wide-range of topics. Blog posts may cover the perspective of a Breastlink medical provider on a newly approved breast cancer treatment covered by the media, a breast cancer symposium our team attended or insight about a published article a member of our team authored, amongst other relevant topics.

This blog is for patients, the breast cancer community and our fellow medical providers. We invite your input and suggestions on issues you would like a member of our team to discuss. We welcome your feedback on our blog posts in the comment section. However, please be careful to not include patient information. All information provided by Breastlink on this blog is of a general nature and is not intended to be and cannot substitute medical treatment or personal advice. The information is intended only for general purposes. Many patients have different needs, reactions or forms of treatment. If you have questions regarding your own or a loved one’s treatment or care you must consult with your own physician or seek the guidance of a treating physician.

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