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Dr. Samantha Kubaska

Samantha M. Kubaska, M.D. is a breast dedicated radiologist.

Samantha Kubaska, M.D. is the director of breast imaging at the West Coast Breast Center at Breastlink Laguna Hills. Dr. Kubaska is a board-certified radiologist with nearly 15 years of experience working with referring physicians and helping patients to better understand the results of their imaging studies. She interprets breast imaging studies (digital mammography, tomosynthesis and breast MRI, amongst others) and performs breast biopsy procedures.

Dr. Kubaska graduated with honors from the George Washington University School of Medicine (Washington D.C.). As a medical student she received a Dean’s Special Recognition Award for her academic achievement. After medical school Dr. Kubaska completed a radiology residency, chief residency and a year of MRI training at the Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Kubaska then moved on to the Cleveland Clinic, where she finished fellowship level training in breast imaging.

“As a breast imager, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is interacting with patients. I understand the worry, anxiety, perhaps even dread many women have as they wait for the results of a breast imaging study. It is natural for patients to have questions about their study. It is important for radiologists to recognize the concerns a patient may have and to clearly answer their questions to the best of our knowledge.” – Dr. Samantha Kubaska.

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