Breastlink Breast Cancer Videos

Breast cancer videos can be an educational resource for patients, and their families, to learn more about breast cancer and the breast cancer journey after a diagnosis. We understand the importance of providing information to our patients and the breast cancer community in as many helpful formats as possible (conversations with patients, blog posts, breast cancer videos, public seminars and talks about breast cancer issues, etc.).

Breast cancer videos can be a helpful way for our medical providers to share some of the knowledge they have gained in the course of their academic work, research interests, treating breast cancer patients and attending breast cancer symposiums and seminars. Every patient has a unique breast cancer journey. While breast cancer videos from breast cancer survivors can provide inspiration to those facing a new diagnosis, it is important to remember breast cancer videos do not provide and are not intended to provide medical advice specific to an individual case. No two breast cancer cases are exactly the same; a treatment plan should be individualized to meet the circumstances of each case. If you have questions, please contact one of our breast care centers in Orange County (the city of Laguna Hills and Orange) and Murrieta, California. We hope you find our breast cancer videos section informative and useful.