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ASCO 2015 Update: Releasing the Potential of the Immune System

The Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) provides an opportunity for thousands of oncologists and healthcare professionals to receive research updates and exchange ideas surrounding trends in cancer treatments. More than 30,000 attend each year, making it one of the largest educational and scientific conferences dedicated to advancing cancer care. I recently joined my colleagues for the ASCO 2015 Annual Meeting, where a focus was on breakthroughs in immunotherapy.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy refers to treatments that prompt the human body’s immune system to attack cancer cells. Cancer occurs when a genetic mutations occurs that causes a healthy cell to become cancerous. Can the immune system recognize these […]

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The Breast Cancer Index & Predicting Risk of Recurrence

Numerous advancements in breast cancer therapies and interventions have helped to improve outcomes and quality-of-life for countless women. Over the past seven years, growing understanding of breast cancer biology has helped to continue this trend. The introduction of genomic testing tools, such as the Breast Cancer Index, now allow us to predict long-term prognoses for breast cancer patients better than ever before.

Breast Cancer Index | Orange County, CaliforniaThe Breast Cancer Index (BCI) is a test that analyzes a breast cancer patient’s genes. In women with estrogen receptor-positive (ER-positive) breast cancer, BCI predicts risk of recurrence beyond five years and predicts how likely a […]

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Breastlink Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Breast Cancer Care

This year marks 20 years Breastlink has helped patients with their breast health needs. As I reflect back upon our history I have never felt more strongly that our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treat breast cancer best serves women.

I also believe, thanks to clinical research, we are on the cusp of discovering a real cure for many types of breast cancer in the next decade. Research has begun to reveal the genomic differences in cancer cells. This will lead to new, “targeted” agents that will significantly improve treatment options. Breastlink, through our work with the Cancer Research Collaboration, is involved in many of the promising clinical […]

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Dr. John Link Answers Breast Cancer Questions

Breastlink Medical Director of Oncology John Link, M.D., recently received a letter from a student asking about oncology and breast cancer. Unfortunately, this junior high school student had recently lost a relative to breast cancer. This experience inspired her to make breast cancer the topic of a yearlong, school research project. Dr. Link was pleased to answer some of her questions. Read his response below.

I am happy to answer your breast cancer questions to help with your research project. It sounds like a good project to work on. It made me sad to hear about your loved one having died of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Questions <a href=[…]

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Kadcyla and New Targeted Breast Cancer Drugs

HER2 positive breast cancer | BreastlinkKadcyla, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2013, is one of the latest advancements to improve our ability to treat breast cancer. Although Kadcyla was only approved for a specific population of breast cancer patients (HER2 positive breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic breast cancer)), it fits into a larger story that is fundamentally changing how we treat many types of breast cancer.

Kadcyla is the fourth drug approved by the FDA to specifically target the HER2 protein. As HER2-positive breast cancer tends to be more aggressive […]

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How to Match Your Therapy to Your Type of Breast Cancer

So you’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. What does that really mean? It turns out that “breast cancer” is actually just a broad category that covers several different diseases, some of which are not that dangerous and others that are. Using new so-called “genomic” tests that analyze the different genetic mutations in breast cancers, doctors have developed a new classification system for the various types of breast cancer. Another name for this classification – which is different from the genetic tests you may have heard about — is molecular subtyping.

To learn more about the four types of breast cancer, you can go to this […]

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