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Dr. Wade Smith

Dr. Wade Smith

About Dr. Wade Smith

Dr. Wade Smith is a medical oncologist that specializes in the treatment of breast cancer as well as benign and malignant blood disorders. He helps helps breast cancer patients in Orange County and the Temecula Valley.

SABCS 2013 – Anastrozole

The 2013 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium was an engaging and invigorating event – I look forward to sharing what I have learned with colleagues and patients. If you have any specific questions you would like me to address about this year’s Symposium please feel free to leave a comment to this blog post or contact my office.

Dr. Nimmi Kapoor and I will also be sharing our observations from this year’s San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in a series of community lectures in January. We will share details when they are confirmed.

Here are a few observations from the plenary sessions I attended on Thursday and Friday.

Anastrozole May Provide New Option […]

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2013 SABCS Wednesday Oncology Observations

The inaugural day of the 2013 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium introduced new insights with treatment implications. I believe patients diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer(s) will find of two studies of particular interest:

NeoALTTO Trial (Neoadjuvant Lapatinib and/or Trastuzumab Treatment Optimization). This is an ongoing phase III clinical trial that is evaluating if a combination of trastuzumab and lapatinib (two HER2-targeted therapy agents) is better than only one of the HER2-targeted therapies. The published findings showed a moderate benefit to adding lapitinib (tykerb) to trastuzumab (herceptin) prior to surgery while significantly increasing side effects.

The same research team will present the results of the ALTTO trial (Adjuvant Lapatinib and/or Trastuzumab Treatment Optimization) at the […]

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Adding Perjeta to the Treatment of HER2-Positive Tumors Prior to Surgery

perjetaPertuzumab (Perjeta) became the first drug to ever be approved by the FDA for use prior to surgery for non-metastatic breast cancer on September 30, 2013. This development further signals a paradigm shift away from chemotherapy and towards targeted therapy – specifically in the now increasingly target-rich environment of HER2-positive breast cancer.

What is Perjeta?

Pertuzumab is a monoclonal antibody, which works by preventing a molecular interaction between the HER2 receptor and other related receptors on the breast cancer cell’s surface. We’ve known about the effectiveness of pertuzumab based on a prior trial with over 800 patients (CLEOPATRA).

What is HER2 <a href=[…]

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