For over 20 years, Breastlink has helped thousands of women all across southern California. Originally centered in Orange and Riverside Counties, Breastlink has recently expanded into Los Angeles with the opening of the Marcia Ray Breastlink Women’s Imaging Center in Glendale. The new location will make it easy for women to obtain mammograms and other diagnostic breast imaging from top radiologists without traveling far from their homes in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley.

How Breast Imaging Improves Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer affects more women than almost every other type of cancer. Breast imaging provides doctors with the information necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat breast cancer early and effectively. Breast cancer has an almost 100 percent cure rate if it is detected early. This center is dedicated to providing women with a full range of breast imaging techniques, including mammograms, DEXA, ultrasounds, ultrasound guided biopsies, and stereotactic biopsies, by highly trained professionals, dedicated to women and women’s health.

A History of Care

Breastlink was founded in 2008 by Dr. John West and Dr. John Link, author of the Breast Cancer Survival Manual. It was one of the first clinics to assess and treat breast cancer with a full team of oncologists, surgeons, and cancer specialists, providing patients with comprehensive and far-reaching solutions to health problems. Breastlink doctors educate their patients about their disease and encourage actively participate in their treatment. Using this model, Breastlink has treated and cured thousands of women across southern California, operating centers in Orange, Laguna Hills, Murrieta, and Newport Beach. The Marcia Ray Breastlink Women’s Imaging Center is proudly part of the Breastlink team, allowing women to receive their breast care needs in a compassionate and caring location.

The Marcia Ray Breastlink Women’s Imaging Center is a tremendous benefit for Glendale and the surrounding communities. Its advanced technology and capable staff will provide them with the tools and information needed for effective identification and treatment. Same-day appointments are available for conditions requiring immediate attention. To schedule an appointment, please call (800) 378-5597.