Newly diagnosed patients can benefit from hearing a breast cancer survivor story. Such stories can inspire hope and shed light on some of the challenges newly diagnosed patients might face in their own journey. Although every patient has a unique journey, a diagnosis of breast cancer can create a special bond of inspiration and sisterhood.

Dr. Lisa Curcio’s Breast Cancer Survivor Story

Dr. Lisa Curcio shared her life altering breast cancer survivor story with CBS and KCAL news in 2011. She was diagnosed with breast cancer just nine months after the birth of her first child and two year’s after her wedding. In the three and a half minute video clip Dr. Curcio explains: “all I could see was not the prospect of losing my breast – but my son. Who is going to raise him? Am I going to be there to see him graduate from 8th grade? From high school? Will I see him get married one day?”

Dr. Curcio is a breast care specialist and surgeon at the Advanced Breast Care at Breastlink Laguna Hills. A picture of Dr. Curcio, one of her patients and Lisa Sigell (CBS 2 & KCAL 9 reporter).



When she was diagnosed Dr. Curcio was a general oncology surgeon. Her experience as a breast cancer patient eventually led her to find her true professional calling in life. “My mission was to become a breast cancer surgeon – to put all of my energy towards diagnosing, treating and providing survivorship advice to patients that I touch.”

It has been more than 10 years since her diagnosis. Dr. Curcio shared “it took time for me to realize that my story could help women harness their strength for their own journey.”

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