For more than 20 years, the multidisciplinary team at Breastlink has provided comprehensive breast health services to the women of Orange County. With locations in Orange, Laguna Hills and Murrieta, Breastlink has expanded to Newport Beach. Now, even more women can benefit from Breastlink services at a location convenient to them.

A Comprehensive Breast Health Care Model

Breastlink has pioneered an innovative model of highly personalized breast cancer care. This model relies on the expertise of various breast cancer specialists to craft treatment plans designed around individual patient needs. Throughout treatment, education is emphasized and patients are placed in control of their care. The Breastlink multidisciplinary care team includes medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, nurses, physician assistants, reconstructive surgeons and psychosocial support staff.

Dr. John Link, author of The Breast Cancer Survivor Manual, founded Breastlink as a single outpatient facility in Long Beach. This followed his experience helping to establish one of the nation’s first multidisciplinary breast cancer programs at Long Beach Medical Center, which informed his decision-making with Breastlink.

Over the years, Breastlink has expanded to four new locations in Orange, Laguna Hills, Murrieta and Newport Beach, with another scheduled to open in Encino in 2016. This expansion allows more women of Orange County to benefit from comprehensive breast health services at outpatient locations near their homes and workplaces.

Beyond Breast Cancer Treatment

Breastlink remains committed to offering patients the best that modern medicine has to offer, from emerging therapies to cutting-edge technology. Clinical services offered by Breastlink include advanced breast imaging, such as 3D mammography, and innovative treatment method, such as cryoablation for the treatment of some early stage cancers. Breastlink has also introduced a robust risk assessment program and same-day services for women with health concerns requiring immediate attention.

In addition to providing clinical services, Breastlink partners with researchers investigating new technologies, prevention techniques and targeted therapies. This offers women of Orange County the opportunity to benefit from therapies generally unavailable outside of large academic medical centers.

At the Breastlink center in Newport Beach, patients can expect the same level of expertise and compassionate care that patient have come to expect from all Breastlink locations. To learn more, please call (714) 541-0101.