Offering centralized breast cancer treatment can improve processes for breast reconstruction care. By establishing a comprehensive breast health center, one provider was able to dramatically reduce the time it took for patients to schedule breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Composed of multidisciplinary teams of physicians dedicated solely to breast health care, comprehensive breast health centers deliver improved patient care by housing these providers in one location for the purpose of streamlining breast cancer care. One breast health center recently attempted to measure these improvements in a case study published November 2014 in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

How collaborative care can improve treatment

In this case study, outcomes for patients treated at one hospital were examined before and after the establishment of a comprehensive center for breast health. The positive results were quite dramatic.

  • Decrease in the time, from more than 10 days to less than 3 days, for the time it took a patient to schedule breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
  • Time from consultation to surgery decreased by 10 days.
  • Immediate breast reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy also increased 10%.

These results point to the importance of communication between the surgical oncologists and plastic surgeons in planning breast reconstruction.

Benefits of a comprehensive breast health center

The advantage of a comprehensive center for breast health is that surgeries and clinic visits can be coordinated much more easily due to the simple fact that they share the same facilities and resources rather than coordinating between independent offices.

By integrating all of the specialists under one facility, access to every aspect of breast care can be simplified. The case study demonstrates this by, for instance, showing how much less time it took for patients to schedule breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Breastlink has been developing its multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive breast health care for more than 25 years. Now, with three centers conveniently located to women throughout Southern California, patients can receive a full range of breast health services from a single team of specialized physicians working in concert.