Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) utilizing the Xoft System Provides Single, Targeted Dose of Radiation Therapy During Lumpectomy

NASHUA, NH and ORANGE, CA (May 4, 2012) – iCAD, Inc. (Nasdaq: ICAD), an industry-leading provider of advanced image analysis, workflow solutions and radiation therapy for the early identification and treatment of cancer, and Breastlink Medical Group in Southern California, today announced an agreement that will make the Xoft® Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy System® available to breast cancer patients treated at Breastlink. The Xoft system for Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) delivers a single, prescribed, targeted dose of radiation during surgery directly to the tumor cavity – minimizing radiation to healthy tissue and organs. The announcement was made during the annual meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, in Phoenix, where iCAD is showcasing the Xoft system. Breastlink Medical Group is affiliated with RadNet Management, Inc., which manages a network of outpatient imaging and comprehensive cancer treatment centers.

“By adopting the Xoft system for IORT at our practice, we are providing select patients with a treatment option that lets them receive a full course of radiation therapy during their lumpectomy procedure, eliminating the emotional and physical burden of traditional radiation therapy which can require weeks of daily treatments,” said breast surgeon at Breastlink Medical Group. “At Breastlink we are committed to providing our patients with cutting-edge treatment options like the Xoft system that provide optimal care and get our patients back to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible.”

“Breast surgeons and radiation oncologists looking to offer their patients advanced radiation therapy treatment options that can be delivered in shorter timeframes while minimizing radiation exposure continue to select the Xoft system for Intraoperative Radiation Therapy,” said Ken Ferry, President and CEO of iCAD. “The availability of the Xoft system by Breastlink Medical Group demonstrates the continued adoption of this innovative treatment by leading breast health centers in the U.S.”

As the Xoft system does not require a shielded environment and is relatively small in size, it can easily be transported for use in virtually any clinical setting (including the operating room where IORT is delivered) under radiation oncology supervision. The Xoft system may also be used for accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), which can be delivered twice daily for five days.

The Xoft system is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of conditions where radiation is indicated, including early stage breast cancer, skin cancer, and endometrial cancer.

About Breastlink Medical Group

For more than 15 years, Breastlink Medical Group has been providing comprehensive breast cancer treatment and service to women in Southern California. The Breastlink vision is to provide Optimal Care to all our patients through a multidisciplinary approach that includes leading breast cancer physicians, as well as psychotherapists, researchers and patient advocates. Breastlink Medical Group has been ranked by Self Magazine as one of America’s 10 best breast cancer centers. For more information, visit  Breastlink is affiliated with RadNet Management, Inc., which manages a network of outpatient imaging and comprehensive cancer treatment centers.

About RadNet, Inc.

Founded in 1984, RadNet (NASDAQ: RDNT), is a national leader in providing high-quality, cost-effective diagnostic imaging services through a network of 233 owned and/or operated outpatient imaging centers, (inclusive of 19 facilities held in joint ventures) located in six states, including California, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Florida.  RadNet offers to its patients and referring physicians the full spectrum of diagnostic imaging exams, including PET/CT, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Ultrasound and X-ray, as well as numerous other procedures. RadNet utilizes best of breed technology to appropriately serve the medical communities in which it operates.  Additionally, RadNet currently provides diagnostic imaging services to over 750,000 lives under exclusive capitation contracts with prominent medical groups and Independent Physician Groups (IPAs). RadNet performs over 4 million diagnostic radiology and imaging procedures annually.

About iCAD, Inc.

iCAD is an industry-leading provider of Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) technologies, advanced image analysis, workflow solutions and radiation therapies for the early identification and treatment of common cancers. iCAD offers a comprehensive range of high-performance, upgradeable CAD solutions for mammography and advanced image analysis and workflow solutions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, for breast and prostate cancers and Computed Tomography for colorectal cancer.  iCAD’s Xoft system, offers  radiation treatment for early-stage breast cancer that can be administered in the form of intraoperative radiation therapy or accelerated partial breast irradiation. The Xoft system is also cleared for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer and endometrial cancer.