Breastlink Women’s Imaging Tarzana is excited to announce the installation of a new, state-of-the-art mammography machine: The Senographe Pristina. This 3D mammography system is designed around patient comfort. The Senographe Pristina also has gentle, rounded edges, which reduce discomfort, as well as soft armrests, rather than the traditional handgrips, easing muscle tension. These innovations have made mammograms noticeably more comfortable for patients.

Patient comfort is a key factor for achieving accurate mammograms. Relaxed patients move less while being x-rayed and that produces cleaner images. Better images make it easier for radiologists to identify abnormalities in their breasts. Patients also report more confidence in their results when they have more control over the process, which makes them less likely to avoid their yearly mammogram.

Breastlink radiologists hope the installation of the new Senographe Pristina will not only improve their ability to diagnose patients, but also encourage more women to visit and take charge of their health.