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Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Screening

Mammogram Age Guidelines for Women Over 74

Is there a magic age after which a woman can terminate her screening mammogram?

In 2009 the United States Preventive Task Force (USPTF) controversially made a number of mammogram age guideline recommendations. These included the statement that there was insufficient evidence showcasing the benefits or harms of mammograms for older women. It also noted the need for additional randomized clinical trials to provide information comparing continued screening after the age of 75 with stopping screening (1).

A new study challenges this ideology and indicates that women over the age of 75 may no longer receive a free pass. This study supports the mammogram age guidelines of the American […]

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A Lifesaving Story from Joan Lunden

How a screening breast ultrasound exam may have saved the life of Joan Lunden, a former co-host of Good Morning America.

The topic of breast density has been a hot topic in America. 18 states, including California, have enacted laws mandating women be informed if a screening mammogram reveals dense breast tissue. If you would like to learn more about breast density, please visit our website, or contact one of our centers.

Joan Lunden’s Story

Joan Lunden returned to Good Morning America on June 24, 2014 to share she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only did she hear the words every women dreads to […]

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3D Mammography Improves Breast Cancer Detection Rates

3D mammography outperforms conventional mammography in cancer detection and recall rates.

Breast Tomosynthesis | 3d mammography orange county, CaliforniaRecent research published June 2014 in the Journal of the American Medical Association reflects the potential for 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis) to improve breast cancer screening. This is the latest study to shine positive light on 3D mammography, or digital breast tomosynthesis, a relatively new technology that can create detailed, three-dimensional visual representations of breast tissue. Researchers determined that, combined with conventional mammography, 3D mammography was able to reduce recall rates and improve breast cancer detection.

Researchers led by Sarah M. Friedman, M.D., of Advocate […]

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When Should a Woman Get a Mammogram?

Mammogram and party may seem like quite the oxymoron, yet the festive atmosphere at Breastlink’s Temecula Valley center proved the two words can live together in harmony.

When Should a Woman Get a Mammogram and Other Questions to Ask at a Mammogram Party

When Should a Woman Get a Mammogram | Temecula Valley | Dr. Amy BremnerA guitar player comfortably seated by the office front door strummed her instrument, providing a nice palate of background music. A table resplendent with pink and white sweets, including a tiered strawberry-pink Bundt cake, candy sticks, lollipops and gumballs, added to the festivities.

While guests munched on chipotle chicken sandwiches […]

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New Hope, New Challenges for OC Women

Since Angelina Jolie shared her story with the world there has been much discussion about breast cancer and measures to prevent or early detect breast cancer. Sometimes it takes someone who is in the public eye to bring important medical issues to light. Although the Angelina story has proven to be very effective in making the public aware that surgery can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who have inherited the breast cancer gene, in reality, only a small percent of women carry this mutation.

In April 2013 a new California law (SB-1358) went into effect that impacted risk assessment efforts in approximately half of all women receiving mammograms in Orange […]

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Can 3D Mammography Make Breast Cancer Screening More Accurate?

Study suggests 3D digital mammography used in combination with traditional screening mammography significantly reduces recall rates.

Since mammography was introduced in the late 1960s, it has been one of the most valuable tools available to women and their physicians in the fight against breast cancer. From 1990 to 2009, as screening mammography rates approximately doubled, the breast cancer mortality rate dropped by one-third. Mammography saves lives.

However, while capable of detecting most breast cancers while they are still small and curable, traditional mammography has its limitations. At West Coast Radiology Center, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to make breast cancer screening more effective — and 3D mammography, or breast […]

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Canadian Mammography Screening Study

Following the recent Canadian study published about mammography screening I remain convinced that young women should strongly consider mammographic screening on an annual basis.

Mammography Screening Studies

The recent Canadian study on mammography screening has sparked a major controversy. On the surface, it was an impressive study that included more than 50,000 women who were followed for 25 years.1 It concluded that women between the ages of 40 and 49 receive no benefit from mammographic screening.

These findings are in direct contrast to a larger study from Sweden, which demonstrated a major survival advantage for women in the same age group who underwent routine screening.2

breast cancer <a href=[…]

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Breastlink to Offer C-View 3D Breast Imaging Technology

First center in Orange County to provide benefits of 3D breast imaging without increased radiation or additional compression time compared to standard 3D mammography.

3d breast imaging Orange County BreastlinkLAGUNA HILLS Calif., December 9, 2013 – Breastlink, a network of comprehensive breast health centers, and West Coast Breast Centers, both operated by wholly-owned subsidiaries of RadNet, Inc., which manages a network of outpatient imaging and cancer treatment centers, announced West Coast Breast Center at Breastlink of Laguna Hills will be the first medical center in Orange County to offer women 3D mammography with Hologic C-View imaging software.

Breast tomosynthesis (3D breast imaging) is an imaging technique […]

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When Should Women Start Breast Cancer Screening?

There is a lively debate within the medical community to establish standards for when women should start receiving mammograms. This also extends to how frequently follow-up mammograms should be performed. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), a panel of experts that recommends health care standards to Congress and others, made a very controversial decision in 2009. They said women between the ages of 50 to 74 should get a breast cancer screening mammogram every two years. They also stated women under 50 should talk to their doctor to evaluate, based on their personal risk, if a screening mammogram was appropriate for them.

This decision caused waves of protest from numerous […]

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Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (Temecula Valley)

Breastlink Temecula Valley to Offer Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Imaging

First medical center in Northern San Diego County and the Temecula Valley to offer New Breast Cancer Screening Technique.

Whole Breast Ultrasound | Temecula ValleyMURRIETA, Calif., July 1, 2013 – Breastlink of Temecula Valley, a facility operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary of RadNet, Inc., a network of outpatient imaging and comprehensive cancer treatment centers, announced it is the first medical center to offer automated whole breast ultrasound screening in Northern San Diego County and the Temecula Valley. Patients with an elevated risk of breast cancer, including women with dense breasts, […]

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