First center in Orange County to provide benefits of 3D breast imaging without increased radiation or additional compression time compared to standard 3D mammography.

3d breast imaging Orange County BreastlinkLAGUNA HILLS Calif., December 9, 2013 – Breastlink, a network of comprehensive breast health centers, and West Coast Breast Centers, both operated by wholly-owned subsidiaries of RadNet, Inc., which manages a network of outpatient imaging and cancer treatment centers, announced West Coast Breast Center at Breastlink of Laguna Hills will be the first medical center in Orange County to offer women 3D mammography with Hologic C-View imaging software.

Breast tomosynthesis (3D breast imaging) is an imaging technique that captures multiple slices of the breast, at slightly different angles. The images are organized to create a high-resolution, 3D reconstruction of the breast. Unlike conventional 2D mammography, a radiologist is able to review the images, one slice at a time, almost like turning the pages of a book. The entirely digital process improves the ability of doctors to detect breast cancer by up to 40 percent according to a study published in the April 2013 issue of Radiology.

“Breastlink and West Coast Breast Centers understand the importance of investing in the latest evidence-based technology to improve the ability to detect and properly diagnosis breast cancer,” said Lisa Curcio, M.D., medical director of breast surgery for Breastlink of Laguna Hills. “Early detection of breast cancer is one of the best ways to save lives. Clinical research has shown 3D mammography improves our ability to screen for breast cancer, better identify invasive forms of breast cancer that are often more dangerous and reduce false positives of standard mammography.”

3D breast imaging in Combination with NEW C-View Imaging Software

In May 2013 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Hologic C-View imaging software. Prior to this decision Hologic’s FDA approved 3D mammography screening exam required an additional conventional 2D mammography image. Consequently, 3D mammography patients were exposed to an increased radiation dose, and slightly increased compression time, compared to a conventional 2D mammography study. C-View imaging software is not a standard feature with a Hologic 3D mammography machine.

“Women of Orange County will benefit from the combination of 3D mammography and C-View software as it eliminates the need for additional radiation exposure required in 3D mammography exams without C-View technology,” said Samantha Kubaska, M.D. the director of breast imaging for West Coast Breast Centers. “3D mammography strengthens the ability of radiologists to find breast cancer and reduces recall rates (false alarms). 3D mammography in combination with C-View technology allows women to finally have a better mammogram, with a decrease in radiation dose compared to the 3D mammography done in the United States to date. This will be of special benefit to women with dense breast tissue.”

3D Breast Imaging Patient Information

A patient’s experience with 3D breast imaging with C view will largely remain the same as with conventional 2D digital mammography. The benefits of this significant technological advancement in the ability to screen, diagnosis and stage breast cancer include:

  • No additional charge over standard mammography.
  • Improved breast cancer detection.
  • Decreased recalls for additional imaging after screening.

The West Coast Breast Center at Breastlink of Laguna Hills is located at 23961 Calle de la Magdalena, Suite #130, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. Their phone number is (949) 770-0797. Breastlink of Orange and the West Coast Breast Center Irvine will add C-View imaging software in 2014.

About Breastlink

Breastlink is a network of breast health centers offering full-service breast cancer care — from initial screenings to the successful completion of treatment. Breastlink has a multidisciplinary team of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, psychotherapists, researchers and patient advocates on staff to address the needs of breast cancer patients.

Breastlink has three locations in Southern California (Laguna Hills, Orange and Temecula Valley). Breastlink is affiliated with RadNet, Inc., which, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, manages a network of outpatient imaging and cancer treatment centers. For more information about Breastlink please visit

West Coast Breast Centers

West Coast Breast Centers (WCBC) offer women and medical professionals in Orange County the latest imaging and digital detection capabilities to screen, diagnosis, stage and treat breast cancer. WCBC radiologists specialize in breast radiology. WCBC has three convenient locations in Irvine (16300 Sand Canyon Avenue, Suite 203), Laguna Hills (23961 Calle de la Magdalena, Suite #130, Laguna Hills, CA 92653) and Santa Ana (1100-A N. Tustin Avenue).

WCBC is a part of West Coast Radiology Centers (WCRC), a premier provider of advanced medical imaging services for nearly 25 years. WCRC is affiliated with RadNet, Inc., which, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, manages a network of outpatient imaging and cancer treatment centers. For more information about WCRC please visit

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