On October 7th, Dr. John West held a signing for his new book Prevent, Survive, Thrive at Michelle’s Place in Temecula. Michelle’s Place is a cancer support center that provides support groups for cancer patients and offers financial assistance to women who need mammogram screenings. Michelle’s Place was founded by Marilyn and Bill Watson, in memory of their daughter Michelle Watson, who died of breast cancer when she was 26. Michelle died because her cancer was misdiagnosed. Dr. West dedicated his book to her. He hopes it will empower women to recognize breast cancer symptoms early, when the disease is easy to treat, and become advocates for their own health.

The signing began with a short talk from Dr. West about breast cancer and some of the controversies surrounding cancer screening. Afterwards, he answered questions from the audience and, before he started signing books, the staff of Michelle’s Place officially dedicated their library to Dr. West, in honor of his tireless dedication to women and women’s health. The event was packed. Besides Marilyn and Bill Watson, Dr. Tchaiko Parris, and Dr. Douglas Blume from Breastlink Temecula also attended to support for Dr. West and his efforts.