Every year, the Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) selects a small number of physicians for its Physicians of Excellence award. These physicians are ones who “go above and beyond in serving their profession and patients.” This year, OCMA has named four Breastlink doctors as Physicians of Excellence, a great honor:

Dr. John West
Dr. John West Medical Director of Surgery at Breastlink of Orange
Dr. West has been at the forefront of breast cancer treatment for three decades. He founded Breastlink and pioneered the multidisciplinary approach we have used to save the lives of women across southern California.
Dr. Lisa Curcio
Dr. Lisa Curcio Medical Director of Breast Surgery at Breastlink Laguna Hills
Dr. Curcio is an exemplary surgeon and a cancer survivor. She has used her unique experience as a patient to help her own patients prevent breast cancer and maintain their quality of life before, during, and after breast cancer.
Dr. June Chen
Dr. June Chen Medical Director at Breastlink Newport Beach
Dr. Chen is a dedicated radiologist who has appeared multiple times on television and spoken internationally about breast cancer awareness. An OCMA Physician of the Year several times over, her work in breast imaging has helped improve the cure rate for all her patients.
Dr. Lisa Guerra
Dr. Lisa Guerra Breast Surgical Oncologist at Breastlink Newport Beach
Dr. Guerra is a board-certified surgeon whose specialties include oncoplastic surgery, intraoperative radiation therapy and management of high-risk patients. Her clinical research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals.

OCMA Physicians of Excellence demonstrate skill, training and a commitment to their patients and the community that is well above their peers. Though we are proud of all our doctors, we are delighted that OCMA has recognized Dr. West, Dr. Curcio, Dr. Chen, and Dr. Guerra, who have all worked tirelessly to improve breast cancer treatment for women everywhere.