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Understanding Advancements in Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Our understanding of breast cancer is rapidly advancing. Breast cancer is not a single disease entity, but a heterogeneous disease spectrum with numerous genetic alterations involved in its pathogenesis.

  • Some breast cancers are indolent and not life-threatening, while others are very aggressive.
  • Similarly, we find different genetic alterations in different breast cancers.
  • Some of these genetic changes are familial, or the result of genetic mutations passed from parent to child.

The BRCA genes were the first to shed light on familial breast cancer genetics. Now we are capable of screening over a dozen different genes for mutations implicated in breast cancer risk. Navigating these new complexities in genetic testing can be […]

John Link, M.D. and Lisa Curcio, M.D. on Breast Cancer Gene Testing

John Link, M.D. and Lisa Curcio, M.D. on Breast Cancer Gene Testing

Interested in learning more about how breast cancer gene testing is helping breast oncologists understand and treat breast cancer? The OC Register quoted Drs. John Link and Lisa Curcio in an article about genomic testing published today.

We encourage you to visit the OC Register’s website to read the entire article. The following passages are from the piece entitled “Breast cancer tests spawn marketing war.”

“They’re very competitive. There’s a war going on in the marketplace,” says John Link, medical director of Breastlink in Orange and author of “The Breast Cancer Survival Manual.”

Lisa D. Curcio, a surgical breast […]

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