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Breast Cancer Genomics

The availability of molecular information on breast cancer genomics is rapidly expanding. Patients who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer can easily be overwhelmed by volumes of information in a very short period of time. The good news is that all of the information available is meant to guide personal decisions for cancer management so that we use biology and science for real-life choices. Knowledge is power.

Next Generation of Breast Cancer | Dr Kapoor

The Next Generation of Breast Cancer

Join Dr. Kapoor on Thursday, October 9 from 6-7:30 pm in Santa Ana for her talk on advances in screening, surveillance and […]

How to Match Your Therapy to Your Type of Breast Cancer

So you’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. What does that really mean? It turns out that “breast cancer” is actually just a broad category that covers several different diseases, some of which are not that dangerous and others that are. Using new so-called “genomic” tests that analyze the different genetic mutations in breast cancers, doctors have developed a new classification system for the various types of breast cancer. Another name for this classification – which is different from the genetic tests you may have heard about — is molecular subtyping.

To learn more about the four types of breast cancer, you can go to this […]

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John Link, M.D. and Lisa Curcio, M.D. on Breast Cancer Gene Testing

John Link, M.D. and Lisa Curcio, M.D. on Breast Cancer Gene Testing

Interested in learning more about how breast cancer gene testing is helping breast oncologists understand and treat breast cancer? The OC Register quoted Drs. John Link and Lisa Curcio in an article about genomic testing published today.

We encourage you to visit the OC Register’s website to read the entire article. The following passages are from the piece entitled “Breast cancer tests spawn marketing war.”

“They’re very competitive. There’s a war going on in the marketplace,” says John Link, medical director of Breastlink in Orange and author of “The Breast Cancer Survival Manual.”

Lisa D. Curcio, a surgical breast […]

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Dr. John Link on Breast Cancer Treatment

If you are interested in the recent revolution in breast cancer treatment and personalized medicine we encourage you to listen to a recent interview with Dr. John Link.

Dr. Link shares his perspective with the Symphony Sisterhood in a 14:52 podcast interview on the “Breast Cancer Dialogues.”

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Dr. John Link on the Breast Cancer Genomic Revolution

Dr. John Link was recently interviewed by the Symphony Sisterhood about the breast cancer genomic revolution that is changing the way we treat breast cancer. Please visit the link to view the minute and a half interview.

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