We’re honored Sorbet Magazine has decided to profile six of our Breastlink surgeons: Dr. Amy Bremner, Dr. Lisa Curcio, Dr. Hang Dang, Dr. Lisa E. Guerra, and Dr. Nimmi Kapoor. These women have worked tirelessly to help breast cancer patients across Orange County and southern California. Their work has saved the lives of hundreds of women and has been a great inspiration. Congratulations to all of you!

Dr. Amy Bremner
Dr. Amy BremnerLead Surgeon at Breastlink Temecula Valley
Dr. Lisa Curcio
Dr. Lisa CurcioDirector of Breast Surgery at Breastlink Laguna Hills
Dr. Nimmi Kapoor
Dr. Nimmi KapoorBreast & Thyroid Surgical Oncologist at Breastlink Encino
Dr. Lisa Guerra
Dr. Lisa GuerraLead Breast Surgeon at Breastlink Newport Beach
Dr. Hang Dang
Dr. Hang DangBreast Surgical Oncologist at Breastlink Orange