Breast cancer survivors often have many insights and observations to which newly diagnosed women may relate. Ginny’s breast cancer story was shared in the January chapter of the Breastlink Angels 2013 calendar.

Breast Cancer Survivors – Ginny P.

Ginny P. – Age 84

Diagnosis – June 1988

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

Ginny P | breast cancer survivorsAs you can see by my age, I believe that I am one of the most fortunate women in the world. I was diagnosed in 1988 with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and thanks to Dr. John West, I’m still here in 2012. During my treatment, I was fortunate to be the first patient they assigned to a support person—so I learned how important this was.

I was diagnosed just 2 months before Breastlink opened. After healing from my mastectomy and reconstruction, I began to think about helping others. I was the first patient to have a support person assigned to me, so I became involved in the Women’s Support Group, which was still in its beginning stages. As a shy person, this was good for me, as it is what brought me out of my shell. I volunteered for seven months and was offered the job of Director of Volunteers.

The next year we started a Men’s Support Group and I was very pleased that my husband Ron helped to get it started. He was my rock, and a big help to so many husbands. I’m sorry to say that I lost Ron on January 25th, 2008. Now, more than ever I look forward to helping the newly diagnosed women in their journey.

Ron and I loved to travel, and I’ve continued traveling with my adult children. Most people at my age are looking forward to retirement or have retired.

I, however, will keep working until there is a cure and I’m not needed here anymore.

They call this my job, but I call it a very Rewarding Experience. It is a wonderful part of my life and I will always be thankful for it.

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