Breast cancer patient stories can help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients learn from women who have faced similar experiences before. The Breastlink Angels 2013 calendar featured many inspiring breast cancer patient stories. Christine’s story, including her treatment for invasive ductal carcinoma, was presented in the August chapter.
Treatment for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma | Christine C.
Christine C. – Age 58

Diagnosis – December 2008

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

treatment for invasive ductal carcinoma | orange county, californiaIn December 2008 I was proud “Mimi” to four beautiful granddaughters, lucky mother of two beautiful daughters and doubly blessed to have two wonderful stepdaughters. I visited the doctor for a routine checkup and was referred to Breastlink for a mammogram and ultrasound.

When the call came on December 22nd confirming biopsy results I was initially terrified that I would not be around for another holiday season. By December 26th I vowed to fight for all I was worth.

I learned a great deal about breast cancer and all the options available that have greatly improved survivorship. I knew I was fortunate to have the medical team at Breastlink partner with me in treatment.

2009 was a whirlwind of surgeries (lumpectomy) chemo, radiation and some reconstruction. I can honestly say that in the worst year of my life I experienced some of the best moments.

I have a wonderful support system. My family, co-workers, girlfriends and even some folks I barely knew were there to help me through. I have a greater appreciation for my sisters and brother and all my extended family as well.

I have learned a lot about character (mine and others), and I am determined to reach out to other women who are recently diagnosed. I firmly believe the support of other survivors was critical to my recovery.

Cancer makes you realize how much you are loved and reminds you to never take those you love for granted. I remember praying I could stick around long enough to see my four beautiful granddaughters grow up. God did one better…. well actually three better.

In November 2009 I welcomed my fifth granddaughter into the world and then I was doubly blessed with the birth of twin grandsons in February 2010. I have come to understand why some refer to cancer as a “gift”. My faith has increased and my friends multiplied. I have learned the art of not sweating the small stuff, and above all I now cultivate joy as I embrace the blessing of each new day.

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