Breast cancer patient stories can help new breast cancer patients learn about how other women may have faced conditions similar to their own. The Breastlink Angels 2014 calendar featured many inspiring breast cancer patient stories. Debbie’s story was presented in the August chapter.

Breast Cancer Patient Stories | Debbie M.

  • Diagnosis – March 2011
  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Debbie M | breast imaging center | BreastlinkAfter having my annual mammogram at the Breast Imaging Center at Breastlink in the spring of 2011, I was called to come back for an ultrasound. Because I had dense breasts, this had happened before and I wasn’t worried about it. But this time I got another call, one of those that emblazon the date and where you were in your memory: I had breast cancer. I burst into tears.

For me, the scariest time in the process was waiting for the test results to reveal how widespread the cancer was, how big or small the lumps were and whether or not the lymph nodes were involved. As I was waiting, I occupied myself with the only thing over which I felt I had some control: research.

Relying on credible sources only, like WebMD, the American Cancer Society and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I learned about this disease. Drs. June Chen and John West worked with me and answered all my questions. The more I understood about my treatment options, the calmer and more empowered I felt. I knew Breastlink was the right place to be, and I just went with the flow.

I was very lucky. Caught early were two small spots in each breast and the lymph nodes were clear. I had a double mastectomy with same-day reconstruction. The upside? Bras are banished forever!

Breast cancer has changed me. I’m more compassionate toward myself and others. I say I love you more often. I’m also much more willing to push my boundaries, to take chances.

Beating cancer empowered an inner warrior I never knew was there, and she’s kickin’ it!

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