Stage 2 breast cancer survivor stories can often help women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The Breastlink Angels 2013 calendar shared many inspiring journeys. Judie’s story was featured in the November chapter.

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Survivor Stories – Judie L.

  • Judie L. – Age 73
  • Diagnosis – April 1989
  • Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

Judie L. | stage 2 breast cancer survivor storiesThe worst time in my life was when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in April of 1989. The best advice I ever had in my life was when I was told to go to Dr. John West and Breastlink. The journey of surgery, chemo and healing took at least a year. As I learn to survive on a daily basis, my healing continues.

Being a patient representative at the Center and consulting the newly diagnosed women has been a tremendous growth experience for me. Helping each woman to understand and educate herself with all the amenities available at Breastlink has made me an advocate for the effort to cure breast cancer. Each newly diagnosed woman is a person to guide and comfort through her difficult time. I’ve made some wonderful friendships with “my sisters.” Cancer may well be the worst crisis you encounter, but it can also be the best experience in your life.

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