The Breastlink Angels 2013 calendar brought together many inspiring breast cancer survival stories. Marian’s breast cancer survival journey was shared in the December chapter.

Breast Cancer Survival – Marian G.

  • Marian G. – Age 79
  • Diagnosis – December 1991
  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Marian G | breast cancer survivalEarly in July, I felt a lump on the tip of my left breast. My annual mammogram was scheduled in August, so I thought that would determine whether or not I had something to worry about. After the mammo, I got a letter saying it was “normal”. However, I felt uneasy about the lump being there, so I called my regular doctor about checking the lump. After seeing me, he referred me to see Dr. John West at Breastlink.

I made an early appointment before going to work for a needle biopsy. Dr. West called me to confirm it was “positive”. My second visit was after work on the same day to discuss my diagnosis and my options.

After hearing all that was said, I must have looked like the deer caught with the headlights coming towards her. That was when I first met Ginny P. Dr. West called Ginny to sit with me, and be there for any questions I might have. That helped me tremendously. I received hugs and support the very first day.

I was able to go home and tell my husband, and my family what was ahead. I decided to have a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I was so impressed with the care and support from everyone at the Center.

I knew I wanted to be part of the team. I started as a phone volunteer, and went into the Center, when I could. After retiring from Disneyland, I became part of the New Patient support volunteers. I have, on occasion, seen “sisters” from Disneyland as patients at the Center and feel so grateful to be there for them.

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