Breast cancer survivor stories can help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients learn from women who have faced similar experiences before. The Breastlink Angels 2013 calendar featured many inspiring breast cancer survivor stories. Sherry’s story was included in the March chapter.

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories— Sherry

  • Sherry K. – Age 60
  • Diagnosis – August 2004
  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma 

Sherry K | breast cancer survivor stories | BreastlinkHere we are in our 4th edition of our Calendar. I am so proud to be a part of creating this to help raise money for the place that saved my life.

I now give back as much as I can. In 2004 when I walked through the doors of Breastlink I was welcomed with open arms.

From the front desk to the nursing staff to Dr. John West, a peace came over me. Dr. West began immediately, doing all of the tests, from the mammogram, to biopsy, CT and pet scans. He knows what has to be done immediately to find all of the aspects he is dealing with. I am the type of person who has to know exactly what the problem is and what is needed to fix it.

Dr. West and the staff were so ready and willing to explain and walk me, my family and friends through with all of the answers. I can’t say I wasn’t scared to death, because I was petrified, but I knew I was in the best place I could be. Besides having all of the tests right at the Center, there is always a volunteer to sit with you that has been through the same thing. You can call them angels.

Dr. West, a world-renowned surgeon teamed up with world-renowned oncologist, Dr. John Link. Dr. Link is involved in research and constantly works for a cure. Dr. West realized that it was important for newly diagnosed women to have support as they began the challenge of their lifetime and knew that mind, spirit and body all work together. Together, they formed Breastlink.

I experienced a miracle in my life and my life was changed forever. I wanted a way to help others who were facing the same journey. I became a volunteer with Breastlink so that I could help others walk through their journey. I received help and support and I knew I could share the same with other women.

In addition, Dr. West saw a need for husbands to have support. My husband, Bill, is now a speaker for the Men’s Support Group. Both of us love to help people, and bring love and joy into their lives.

We are thrilled to be part of Breastlink and the research programs they participate in. We can be reached through Breastlink. The Be Aware Early Detection Program, taught by Jan West, is available to churches, schools and many other types of groups. Ladies, take time for your monthly self exams. Knowledge and early detection saves lives.

Be the best you can be for yourself and someone else. And remember, laughter doeth good like a medicine.

We appreciate your support in buying our calendar. It is truly a labor of love for all who are involved.

Live Long and Prosper.

Thank you to my special daughter, Ginger, who designed my t-shirt.

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