Breastlink Medical Group is a network of breast cancer treatment centers located in Southern California. We believe the best way to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer involves collaborative care between our breast cancer doctors with full patient participation. Whether you need a routine screening mammogram, a breast cancer risk assessment, breast cancer treatment or a second opinion, we’re always here for you.

We recognize that just like our patients, every case is unique. This is why our breast cancer doctors seek to always provide breast health services in a compassionate, knowledgeable and professional manner. Our network of breast health specialists includes medical oncologists, breast imaging radiologists, plastic surgeons, breast-dedicated surgeons, surgical oncologists, psychotherapists and researchers, amongst other health care providers.

Breastlink breast health experts thoroughly assess each breast cancer diagnosis to ensure a custom, individualized breast cancer treatment plan is presented to patients. A multidisciplinary treatment planning conference, bringing together the perspective of radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and oncologists, ensures the collective wisdom of the team crafts the optimal breast cancer treatment plan.


All Breastlink radiologists are board-certified and have sub-specialty breast imaging knowledge that improves their ability to interpret 3D mammography, breast MRI, breast ultrasound and digital mammography studies, amongst others.

Dr. Omid Bendavid
Dr. Omid BendavidBreast-Dedicated Radiologist
Dr. Vishtasb “Vishi” Ariazand
Dr. Vishtasb “Vishi” AriazandBreast-Dedicated Radiologist
Dr. Michael Im
Dr. Michael ImMusculoskeletal Radiology / Breast Imaging
Dr. Khadija Aziz
Dr. Khadija AzizBreast-Dedicated Radiologist
Dr. Jason McKellop
Dr. Jason McKellopDirector, Women's Imaging
Dr. Jessica Langer
Dr. Jessica LangerBreast-Dedicated Radiologist

Breast Surgeons

Our breast surgeons provide surgical intervention procedures such as a lumpectomy, mastectomy, nipple-sparing mastectomy, sentinel node dissection, surgical biopsy and new techniques like intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) based on the needs of the patient.

Dr. John West
Dr. John WestDirector of Breast Surgery at Breastlink Orange
Dr. Shawndeep Tung
Dr. Shawndeep TungBreast Surgical Oncologist at Breastlink Orange
Dr. Valentina Bonev
Dr. Valentina BonevBreast Surgical Oncologist at Breastlink Orange
Dr. Lisa Guerra
Dr. Lisa GuerraLead Breast Surgeon at Breastlink Newport Beach
Dr. Nimmi Kapoor
Dr. Nimmi KapoorBreast & Thyroid Surgical Oncologist, a Cedars-Sinai physician

Breast Oncologists

Breastlink medical oncologists work with our radiologists, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals to assess each patient’s case. This coordinated approach helps to ensure a breast cancer treatment plan is presented that will maximize achieving the best outcome possible.

Dr. John Link and Dr. Ronald Tang also believe it is essential to work with patients to recommend the most appropriate chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapy options. Clinical research is always considered to offer the access to new agents and therapies.

Dr. John Link
Dr. John LinkBreastlink Director of Medical Oncology
Dr. Wael Harb
Dr. Wael HarbOncologist
Dr. Bhavana Pathak
Dr. Bhavana PathakOncologist and Hematologist

Plastic Surgeons

Our team works with women from the start of the treatment process to ensure our patients make informed decisions.

Dr. Justin West
Dr. Justin WestPlastic Surgeon

Dedication to our patients.

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