Maddy the Mobile Mammography Coach

Meet “Maddy” the Mobile Mammography Coach

PLEASE STAY TUNED. We are putting the final touches on our mobile mammography coach so that we may provide our communities with advanced mammography technology and superior care! We recommend reaching out to one of our RadNet or Breastlink Women’s Imaging centers that offer both screening and diagnostic mammography so that you can get the care that you need without delay!

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is the key to survival. When breast cancer is caught in its early stages, the 5-year survival rate is almost 100%. The findings in nearly every study concur – early mammogram screenings save lives.

We know that fitting a mammogram screening into your busy schedule can sometimes be tricky, which is why we’re here to help you prioritize your health with our mobile mammography coach.

Maddy the Mobile Mammography Coach is fully equipped with Hologic high-definition 3D mammography equipment as well as Artificial Intelligence technology, powered by Deep Health, making the mammogram experience inside the mobile unit as efficient and accurate as mammogram screenings within any of our centers.

Maddy the Mobile Mammography Coach provides a private, comfortable setting and all exams are read by Breastlink and RadNet breast radiologists, so you can be confident that you are receiving the most accurate screening exam.

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    Why Has RadNet/Breastlink Built a Mammography Coach After 35+ Years?

    • To better provide our underserved communities with advanced technology and superior care!
    • To provide assistance to our busy breast centers seeing an influx of patients who skipped their regular mammogram screenings during the COVID-19 shutdown.

    How is Maddy Different than other Mobile Mammography Units?

    • The technology on board Maddy is cutting-edge – the same caliber you will find in any of our breast centers!
    • Fully equipped with Hologic high-definition 3D Mammography!
    • Artificial Intelligence software, powered by DeepHealth!
    • Published scientific evidence has suggested that these tools can identify breast cancer one to two years earlier!

    What is the Mammogram Experience like with Maddy?

    • Private! Comfortable! Waiting Room! Two changing Rooms!
    • All exams are read by Breastlink and RadNet dedicated breast radiologists!

    What is the RadNet/Breastlink Mammography Network?

    • RadNet is the parent company of Breastlink – the largest provider of medical imaging in the United States, with over 350 owned and operated outpatient facilities nationwide.

    How Can We Find & Contact Maddy?

    • Maddy will be on the move across Southern California and will eventually travel into Arizona –and beyond!