Once a woman has heard that she has breast cancer, the next step is to develop a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for her situation. We believe the best treatment plan is one that is the result of the combined opinions of medical experts specializing in breast cancer care.

At a Breastlink treatment planning conference breast surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, research experts and other medical professionals provide their opinions to optimize control of the tumor in the breast. Breast medical oncologists assess whether or not they believe that systemic treatment is needed to optimize systemic control of disease-to maximize the chance of a cure. Appropriate care includes allied professionals in plastic surgery, psychotherapy, psychiatry and diet and nutrition. The goal is – always – to provide total care. Our belief is this: that each woman is unique and her care must be personalized for her.

At Breastlink our goal is to provide access to coordinated care at each point in your breast cancer journey with the input of experts from many disciplines- based upon our experts knowledge of breast cancer and your expertise about YOU.