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Every patient diagnosed with breast cancer deserves the best care the medical profession provides.

Whether one is newly diagnosed, has a relapse or is looking for state-of-the-art treatment through clinical trials, getting a breast cancer second opinion is an accepted and encouraged practice amongst breast cancer advocacy groups and physicians who treat patients with breast cancer. Patients shouldn’t worry about offending their doctor – most oncologists expect their patients to seek a second opinion.

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    Breast Cancer Second Opinion | Breastlink

    Our team of dedicated breast care specialists has been providing second opinions for more than 20 years. We know each patient is unique; an appropriate treatment plan must be personalized for you. We also know timeliness is of absolute utmost importance. Our second opinion coordinators work with patients to secure their existing data as soon as possible in order to schedule an appointment with our team.

    We believe the best treatment combines the expertise of medical experts at each point of the care continuum (diagnostic imaging, pathology, surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology). This is why we pioneered a unique collaborative approach to breast cancer diagnoses, what we call a treatment planning conference, where our network of oncologists, surgeons and other specialists discuss each patient’s case and work to develop a coordinated treatment plan to maximize the chance of a cure.

    The Breastlink treatment model ensures patients, and their families, leave our doors the first day with a treatment plan and the information to make informed decisions.

    Oncology: Second Opinion

    In medical oncology, a second opinion includes a review of systemic treatment recommendations – both chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapies as well as the plan for the initial and follow up imaging – essential to post treatment surveillance. Consideration of eligibility for any appropriate clinical research trials is a part of the care plan considerations.

    Vital to any opinion in medical oncology is to consider the potential side effects of all recommended treatments and “survivorship” issues. This includes monitoring of bone density and Vitamin D levels, cardiac health, gynecologic and sexual recovery and energy balance. The medical oncologist provides a road map for treatment and recovery as well as post treatment surveillance and recurrence risk reduction strategies.

    When your oncology breast cancer second opinion is complete, you should feel that you have heard not only about your life in treatment but the ways in which your medical team will facilitate your recovery and well-being long after treatment ends.

    For patients experiencing a recurrence of disease, the medical oncologist will explore the available treatment options – mindful of the treatment which has already been undertaken. Anticipating areas of tumor resistance and utilizing molecular profiling of recurrent tumor, the medical oncologist – in concert with specialty laboratories and other experts – will map out a plan of approach to recurrent tumor using the very latest science to optimize tumor response.

    The second opinion process provides a unique opportunity for patients to hear a wide variety of approaches to recurrent tumor and to decide which approaches make the most sense to them. Clinical research trials and novel therapies are a critical part of the dialogue regarding recurrent disease management.

    Surgical: Second Opinion

    Second opinions are a valuable part of your health care. Beginning with a diagnosis of breast cancer, patients may experience a great emotional need to begin treatment. Prior to the start of treatment, patients should understand the options that are available to them and what each option means. Obtaining a second opinion is part of exploring the medical treatment plans available to you.

    For a patient seeking a second opinion, the Breastlink team provides answers to the questions that the patient needs to know and understand her care immediately, the stage of the cancer, the treatment options available as well as the success rates of those treatment options. As top breast surgeons in the field, our team of physicians will review your previous medical records, test results, imaging studies, pathology reports and slides. We will discuss specifically with you our findings and recommendations.

    Our approach is to provide you with a roadmap so that you have access to information on the best treatment options that are available to you (surgery, radiation or chemotherapy). As a partner in your care, we work with you in the decision making process of your care to further ensure confidence and peace of mind that the treatment option you decide to undergo is right for you.

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