At Breastlink, we hope to provide you, the breast cancer patient, with exceptional comprehensive services. Our breast cancer oncology doctors believe a patient’s treatment should encompass all aspects of your care, from breast imaging to treatment planning to post-treatment support.

We believe the best way to accomplish this is to put a complete team of breast cancer experts at your disposal. Our breast imaging specialists, breast cancer oncologists and breast-dedicated surgeons will work together to ensure personalized care is tailored to your individual needs.

Multidisciplinary Care for Breast Cancer

Excellent breast cancer care is always multidisciplinary. From the moment you step through a Breastlink center door, you will have access to the combined knowledge of our team.

Breastlink physicians and support staff are dedicated solely to breast cancer care. As such, they maintain advanced, up-to-date knowledge of trends and cutting-edge treatments in breast cancer.

Additionally, through our partnership with the Cancer Research Collaboration, our physicians and patients have opportunities to participate in drug and medical device trials. We believe our commitment to research helps to not only advance our collective knowledge of breast cancer – it can help patients get access to new treatments faster once approved by the FDA.

During the course of your breast cancer care, we hope to help you:

  • Understand your disease.
  • Understand treatment options, as well as how to choose the appropriate course of therapy.
  • Maintain quality of life by managing symptoms and side effects occurring from treatment.

While the journey ahead for a breast cancer patient can seem long and arduous, we will be with you every step of the way – from chemotherapy to surgery to radiation therapy and beyond – to ensure you benefit from the expertise of a complete, highly-coordinated, multidisciplinary team of breast cancer experts.

Systematic Therapy

Most patients diagnosed with breast cancer will require some form of systematic therapy. In these instances, one of our medical oncologists will review available treatment options, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapies.

Breastlink medical oncologists will consider many factors before deciding on the best possible course of treatment. This includes a patient’s eligibility for participation in clinical trials.

The oncologist provides a road map for treatment and recovery as well as post-treatment surveillance and recurrence risk reduction strategies.

If seeking a breast cancer second opinion at Breastlink, you will receive a same-day assessment and recommendation that will be presented to as well as to your treating physicians.


Surgery for breast cancer has been transformed over several decades. These changes have been made to both improve cancer outcome while achieving optimal cosmetic results. There are now multiple surgical options available including:

  • Breast conservation (“lumpectomy”).
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy.
  • Symmetry procedures known as “oncoplastic reconstruction.”
  • Advanced lymph node procedures.

Reconstruction options after mastectomy have revolutionized breast surgery to the point that many women are even more pleased with their appearance of their breasts after surgery compared to prior to surgery. These procedures are dramatically improved from the traditional “radical mastectomy” or removal of breast, chest wall muscle and all axillary lymph nodes that had been performed in the past.

It is critical that women with breast cancer seek the assistance of a specialist in breast cancer so that they may have these more advanced options available to them. A trained and dedicated breast surgeon will be more likely to have the expertise required to perform some of these more sophisticated procedures.

At Breastlink, breast-dedicated surgical oncologists and reconstruction surgeons will help women diagnosed with breast cancer to understand options available to them, make a treatment recommendation based on their individual needs and develop a plan for recovery and follow-up.


Our breast-dedicated medical oncologists, as well as our breast surgeons, will work with our radiation oncology partners to identify if radiation therapy is appropriate for a given treatment plan.

Radiation therapy aims to deliver effective doses of radiation to cancerous tissue within the body while limiting exposure to healthy tissue. There are various ways to treat cancer with radiation and radiation therapy will be tailored to a patient’s overall health, breast cancer type and location.

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Disease Management

At Breastlink, our medical oncologists provide patients with access to treatment options intended to achieve the best possible outcome. Our goal, by working as a team, is to achieve optimal comprehensive care – care that is specific to each individual patient. Contact us to request an appointment with one of our breast-dedicated medical oncologists.

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